We hope to meet you here

Sage Wellness Retreat is a place to leave behind the routine of your everyday life. Here you can find serenity and joy in the acknowledgement of your inner self. This is a place to shed expectations, where you can see and be seen for who you truly are. Share and connect with other women without hurry or presumption. Allow your spirit to settle and embrace the parts of yourself that are often put on the back burner. You’ll have the space and time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are going. This is a short journey to discover what it takes for you to flourish, thrive and just be.

Megan, Robynn and Tanya were each seeking healing and spiritual growth when the universe brought them in the same yoga teacher training class.  In each other we found connection and the gift of a common vision. Our wish is to share this gift with you.

You may also be hearing the call to heal your own spirit. The call comes when our daily routine overshadows our inner needs. Perhaps you provide stabilizing force to others at the expense of your own health, growth and spirit. But no matter your responsibilities, it is profoundly valuable to break from your everyday routine. In this break the seeds of transformation can be sewn. Intention can be set to reconnect with your true and simplest self and with other women.

Sage Wellness retreat is here to create the space where this kind of magic may unfold. We provide the guidance, nourishing meals, activities and connections for you to share and receive personal stories and experiences.  Together, we’ll create a durable, magnificent tapestry that will adorn your heart and soul.


We hope to meet you here.